Engaging the Community in Climate Action

Howard County government cannot meet the ambitious climate action goals outlined in Howard County Climate Forward without help from residents, businesses, and organizations. All of us can – and must – play an important role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Climate Change in Howard County

Explore these videos, news stories, and resources to learn more about our changing climate and the solutions for a resilient future!

Learn more about climate change in Maryland and explore the State's mitigation and resiliency strategies.
Younger generations will be deeply affected by climate change. How do we explain it to them?
Learn more about climate change history.


Call to Action: Help family, friends, neighbors, community spaces, and businesses conserve energy, make energy efficiency improvements, and electrify.

Explore incentives and tax credits.
Explore state incentives and technical assistance programs.
Take advantage of free or reduced-cost Home Energy Upgrade Services

Call to Action: Reduce barriers and decision fatigue around going renewable and increase participation in community solar, on-site solar, and renewable energy supply plans.

Explore Maryland community solar projects.
Learn more about local solar projects in Howard County.
Join a Howard County solar co-op through Civic Works


Call to Action: Help family, friends, neighbors, and other community members purchase electric vehicles. Peer-to-peer ambassadors can share information and their personal experiences with EVs.

Explore federal and state incentives.
Learn more about electric benefits and considerations.
Join Howard County's Clean Miles Club by taking a survey

Call to Action: Reduce vehicle miles traveled by driving less and helping others do the same.

Explore public transportation in Howard County.
Learn more about the County's pedestrian plan.
Learn more about the County's bicycle master plan.


Call to Action: Reduce food waste at home and in the grocery store and switch to a more plant-based diet.

Participate in Howard County’s curbside composting program.
Drop off wood waste and yard trim and purchase HoCoGro compost, mulch, and blended topsoil.
Support local farms to reduce the food waste produced during the shipping process.

Call to Action: Reduce the amount of goods purchased and encourage others to do so as well. Practice and promote the five Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle!

Learn more about what materials are recyclable.
Check out the County's recycling drop-off options.
Explore recycling tips and program opportunities for businesses.

Nature Based Solutions

Call to Action: Plant more trees and native plant gardens. Work within neighborhoods to reach the tipping point to change social norms from turf grass to beautiful native plant meadows and gardens. Use signage, conversations, and other means to share information about these practices.

Learn more about safe, effective, and sustainable horticultural practices that build healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities.
Reserve, pick up, and plant native trees. Visit the Recreation and Parks Forestry page and scroll down to Annual Tree Giveaway for more details!
Learn about pollinators and what you can do at home to support them.

Emergency Management

Explore these resources to learn more about public health, climate hazards, and community resilience.

Build a ready-to-go emergency kit
Learn about climate resilience and identify risks and actions
Prepare for extreme heat
Explore Howard County's emergency preparedness resources


Explore these resources to learn more about stormwater pollution and sustainable water management practices.

Help alle­vi­ate the dam­ag­ing effects of stormwa­ter runoff by increas­ing tree cov­er­age through­out the County.
Learn more about stormwater solutions in Howard County.
Learn more about the County's efforts to deal with flooding.

Ecosystem Services

Taking steps around your home or neighborhood can benefit the ecosystems around you. Learn about environmental planning and other county efforts to preserve and enhance our ecosystems.

Check if your property qualifies for a Howard County tree planting program.
Learn more about Howard County's Green Infrastructure Network, Forest Conservation, Green Neighborhoods, and Watershed Planning.